The last thing an ally sees in PvP is a Dreadguard!

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 Back, reintroduction and cleanup

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PostSubject: Back, reintroduction and cleanup   Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:38 pm

Hello some of you may never have seen me, in that case i'd like to introduce myself.
I'm Nox/Roxy/Rombie/Roz/R106 and whatever nick ppl may have called me by.
I'm also your Guild Leader ^^

I'm sorry that i have been absent for so long but i felt that i needed to take a break from the server over summer(wich i hope was really nice for all of you ^^), i hope that the officers have taken good care of you in my absence and that i will get to know you new guys better soon, I'm planning on coming back as soon as my new computer have arrived too me.

The first thing I'm planning on doing when my computer arrive and wow is installed, is to clean out all the people that havent played for 1 month or longer too see how many we really are that play(no use having innactive people in the guild anyway). So if u know someone that are just on a break or have an alt you rarely go onto or you just happen to like that person and are hoping he will come back and don't want him kicked for innactivity, put a note on them so i know.

Other than that I'm hoping to catch up with the server overall and try to adapt cause i always feel like a newb again with all the changes that always manage to happen while i'm gone XD

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Back, reintroduction and cleanup
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