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 Vault Rules

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PostSubject: Vault Rules   Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:05 pm

These rules are made to make it easier to find items in vault and to avoid stacking of items that no one will use anyway

General Rules:

Do not take out any items that you cannot use.

Do not take out items just to sell or disenchant. Unless a Warlord(or current Vault organizer) Authorize it.

Do not put in any green items that dont have any special ability unless its better than what can be found easily in any instance soloable by a 70(ask for help to get tru an instance).

Do not put in equipment that is made by a profession, unless its an epic or have a special purpuse.

Do not put in more than 3 stacks of any item unless its an item you think will be in high demand later on.

Asking an officer to help you take out items

Try to put in items so they are easy to find and in decent order: leather gear by leather gear, plate by plate 2h weapons by 2h weapons and so on this will make it easier for us all.

Tab specific rules:

Tab6(Sets and Epics)
Accessible only by Warlords and is meant only for Epic(purple) items and hard to get set items,

If you got any rule suggestion or other suggestions to changes you want seen in vault feel free to reply to this topic. These rules are just hastily made.
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Vault Rules
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