The last thing an ally sees in PvP is a Dreadguard!

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PostSubject: Recruitment   Thu Aug 09, 2007 3:40 pm

Requirements to become part of Dreadguard:

- Minimum level required: 20
- No profession skill required.
- To be recommended by a current DG member, or having positive comments from them about you.
- No class requirement.
- No race requirement.
- No languages required. However to read this you must have a basic knowledge of English. English is the most used language in the guild.
- No minimum age required.
- No country of origin required.
- If previously part of another guild, state very clearly the reason of quitting it to the recruiting officer or DL.
- You must have an appropriate reputation in the community. Constant insulting, racism, harassment, unfair game play and bug exploitation will seriously cripple your chances to join DG.
- Must NOT have any alliance character. Commitment to the guild is important.

We are not an “open” invite guild, but if you have a friend or have met a person who you think would fit with our play style you are more than welcome to sponsor said person. If you sponsor a new member to the guild, however, please keep in mind that your sponsorship will be noted by the officers and that any behavior issues from that person could reflect on you. Sponsor wisely…YOU are responsible for those you bring to the guild.

New Members
New players will retain the rank of Recruit for the first 30 days they spend in the guild. During that time, they will be required to register on the guild forums. At the end of this 30 day probationary period, the player will be moved to full member status (unless there are extenuating circumstances that warrant another course of action). At any point during this probationary period, the officers may remove the new player if we determine that DG is not a place that matches their play style.
Players who have not registered on the forums after 30 days will retain their Recruit status until they do so. Players who have not registered on the forums after 90 days of joining the guild will be removed from the guild.
Guild Members may only sponsor one Recruit at a time. Once a player you have sponsored moves from Recruit to Member you are free to support another new member to the guild.
Recruits may not sponsor new players to the guild until they move to full Member status.
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