The last thing an ally sees in PvP is a Dreadguard!

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PostSubject: Ranks   Thu Aug 09, 2007 3:41 pm


Dreadlord: (Guild Leader)
Granted to a single member of the guild
Generally a trusted person Chosen by the Warlords.
If the Dreadlord is deemed incapable of his task or if he looses the trust from his officers and/or guild members a reselection can be made. The Dreadlords duty is to make final decisions and take care of any problems that may arise(with the help of his Warlords). The Dreadlord has a duty to listen to all his members from Marauder and up and take their opinions in account. The Dreadlord can also choose to promote a Warlord as a temporary Dreadlord if he belive he is going to be innactive for a longer period of time.

Warlord: (Council/Officers)
Requirement: You dont call us, we call you.
Granted to 4-6 members chosen by the Dreadlord and the current officers.
A Warlord should be an example to the other members.
A Warlord is there to help and give advice to the Dreadlord in all his decisions and to deal with problems and other guild related stuff when the Dreadlord is away. Warlords can request to have their alts promoted to Warlords as well. If a Warlord is innactive for a long time(30 or more days) he loose his rank and a new Warlord is too be chosen as his replacement, be it temporary or permanent. He can also loose his rank in the same way as the Dreadlord with loss of trust.

Blackguard: (Leaders/Assistants, Elite players)
Requirement: Recognised and recomended by several other Blackguards or 2 officers. Been a member for at least 2 months.
Blackguards are members who have been recognized for their great game play skills, leadership in raids/Battlegrounds or their knowledge about the game. A Blackguard should be able to take over Leadership of a raid if needed. They are also the ones most likely to become assist leaders for their group in a raid. Blackguards are usually responsible for communication between their group and the leader in a raid, making sure everyone is ready and knows what they are supposed to do.
There is currently no way for a Blackguard to loose his rank.

Requirement: Recognised by several numbers of Marauders or higher ranked members. Been a member for at least 2 weeks.
The Marauder is the regular recognised fully fledged member, this rank is given to the ones that have shown great activity in the guild and have been recognised as more than just "another guy/girl". The Marauders are practicly what keeps the guild alive and running. If you have a character ranked Marauder or higher you can request that your alts get promoted to Marauder as well.
There is currently no way for a Marauder to loose his rank.

This is where you end up for a while if you break any rules.

This is where your alternate characters end up if you are ranked Marauder or higher, in here they are protected from the 30 days rule and will have about the same benefits as a marauder.

Requirement: lvl10(there are exceptions)
This is the rank we recruit new members at, from here you can only climb up.

You will get kicked from the guild if you repeatedly insult other members, show no respect whatsoever, or if you are innactive for 30 or more days without having given us a reason(Warlords are an exception in that they get demoted from Warlords first and won't get kicked before after 50-60 days). If you think you have gotten kicked for no reason you can ask to have your story brought up with the other Warlords and the Dreadlord for a final judgement. There may be other reasons for getting kicked but you will always have the right to know why you got kicked and you can as stated above ask for a second opinion.

And of course if you come back after 30 days of innactivity you have the right to get back in guild with your old rank intact(Warlord and Dreadlord is an exeption).
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PostSubject: Re: Ranks   Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:49 pm

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