The last thing an ally sees in PvP is a Dreadguard!

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PostSubject: Raids   Thu Aug 09, 2007 3:41 pm


Mixed raids: A raid that includes a mix of different guild members or even some players that donít have a guild

Guild raids: A Raid that includes only BG guild members should run as smooth as silk.

0. General loot rules: Roll GREED on ALL items that does not bind on pickup. Roll NEED ONLY on BOP items you need, else roll PASS (the small x in the corner). If you need an item, roll for it.

1. Once we are inside the Instance, keep Raid channel clear.

2. If you need a buff send a /whisper to the buffer. Do NOT use raid channel.

3. Only leaders use /yell in instances.

4. Alt char bidding:
4a: If a character has the rank, he can bid according to that rank.
4b: Alts have same rank requirements as main characters.
4c: You cannot bid for BOEs for your alt you are not playing UNLESS nobody in the raid needs it. Raid always have priority.
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