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 Groupcalendar new guild addon.

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PostSubject: Groupcalendar new guild addon.   Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:19 pm

Me and Torm recently tried out an addon called Groupcalendar and were astonished by how great it worked. So now we want this addon to be spread troughout the entire guild so we easily can organise raids and events.

The configuration to use it is really simple. Just put it in your addon folder like any other addon, then when you go ingame you should see a clock where the Sun/Moon used to be. Start by clicking that clock and it will open the Groupcalendar. In there you go to the setup tab and choose Manual configuration, check the box called "use shared channel" and then type "Horde" as channel name(there is no password). After that your clear to go.

Direct Download link:
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Groupcalendar new guild addon.
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